Rare book sailing yachts Hyperion

  • 160 pages on the Yacht Hyperion designed and own by Jim Clark founder of Netscape.
  • The book covers all details of the construction, design, crafting, layout, mechanical systems, rigging, sea trial, etc.
  • Incredible photos by Louie Psihoyos.
  • Hyperion is one of the most famous sailing yachts in the world, 155 ft with a mast of nearly 200 ft displacing 285 tons.
  • Only 250 copies were made of this book
  • The pictures below are of the book I am keeping. I own several other new/unopen books on Hyperion
  • I will accept cash, paypal or check (personal will have to wait to be cleared)
  • Please e-mail me at uster@rocketmail.com

Note:   I have had a lot of inquiries about this book,
please note it is a very rare book (only 250 published),
the price is $375 (which is what I paid) + shipping.